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Looking for a cheap and easy project for a beginner Answered

Hi :) Next year, I'm planning on starting a Mechanical Engineering degree. I want to get some hands on experience with making stuff just as preparation, but I've never done anything like this. What's a good place to start? And something that won't cost a lot as I don't have much money?
Any help is appreciated :D thanks



6 years ago

I love ornithopters, so I suggest building one of those. They have all kinds of linkages and cams, and you can make it from sticks and plastic bags. Excellent fun to cost ratio.

Oh, and whirligigs and marble machines, also super fun / cheap.


6 years ago

The best place to start is here, Instructables.com.

You need to decide what You want to do. If you like computer stuff Arduino is awesome! Endless possibilities.

Good luck.


7 years ago

The best answer is "it depends".

It depends on your current skill, budget, available tools, materials, general areas of interest...

The best bet is to pick a couple of key words, and then start browsing with the search function (the search box is at the top-right of every page).