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Looking for a motor and some LED lighting Answered

I basically want to build a rotating display stand; I need to find a motor which can move ~ 2-8 pounds at a speed of 1-12 RPM (preferably adjustable).

I also want to find some LED lighting which I can embed in the base, which will have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500 - 2,500 lumens, without generating too much heat. I know there will be heat, of course. I just don't want to be at temperatures that would burn wood or melt PVC, as those two materials will be used a lot.

Where's a good place to order these inexpensively? I'd like to build just one for now, but if it works out, I will be making several of these, possible a few dozen total. So bulk pricing would be a plus, but is not a critical issue.


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6 years ago

Maybe look at getting a small motorized potter's wheel with speed control.Or search ebay for the motor drives out of old Leslie speaker cabinets. You would have to really gear up or add pulleys to convert a phonograph player. LED strips are very bright. They even have a remote control for color pattern changes like I used in my Doctor Who Time Crack. I have bought 75 and 100 watt equivalent LED regular lamp bulbs which puts out the lumens you want. Good luck.