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Looking for a radio transmitter and cheap receiver? Answered

So, to simplify things, I want to power a heap of LEDs that run off exactly 5v of power when I press a button (and stop when I release) from 300+ meters.

I'm looking for a radio transmitter that has around 300+ (bigger the better) range that can communicate with a large heap of receivers. I'd prefer if the receivers are fairly cheap because I'll be using them in large quantities, but I'm happy to spend under $100 with the transmitter. On use, I want the receivers to output 5v of power into the LEDs. The transmitter doesn't need to transmit anything special, just a signal at all will suffice, with an easy on/off switch on it.

I'd be happy to lower my range to around 200 if necessary, but its not really ideal. The receivers need to be fairly small. Thanks a lot for any help/suggestions :). My electronics knowledge in this area is fairly limited.

Thank you again



4 years ago

How many recivers do you need?


Answer 4 years ago

Room for large improvement. I'd say 100 max