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Looking for a research area or project on laser cutting . Answered

Hi guys

Interested in doing a project or research on laser but wanna gain sound knowledge of lasers and laser machining especially cutting beforehand. Please suggest books(journals), articles, websites etc. on laser cutting for this poor manufacturing undergrad.? Ideas will automatically crop up in my mind.




8 years ago

It's basically a branch of CAD/CAM. For cutting, you'd design the object out of 2D pieces, render them in 2D vector graphics, then feed them to a laser cutter just as you'd feed them to a plasma cutter... or a plotter, for that matter. Etching the surface is the same process with shorter or lower-power exposure.

I suspect the most interesting research would be in improved tools for getting from 3D projects to 2D components and laying them out for minimum material waste, rather than in the cutting itself. But it's not my area of expertise.


Answer 8 years ago

Are you asking me to do something on the software(simulation or designing) side ? If yes, then please suggest a suitable text-book, if possible.


Answer 8 years ago

The best way to do a project or research as an undergrad is to find out who, on campus, is doing that sort of work and get a job in their lab. They may even pay you for your time, or give you academic credits.