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Looking for a schematic for a bright, LED, solar powered, outdoor light? Answered


I am looking to make a pretty bright, solar powered light, for use in the yard.  I have a very bright, 3 LED flashlight, that uses 3 AAA batteries.  I would like to make a light for the yard that has 2, or or more LEDS to light the sidewalk.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



10 years ago

I have a schematic for a charging circuit, but to be honest unless you really want to make your own....You can buy a stripped down solar lamp system for about $3 from All Electronics.

Here is a Link: http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/category/565/Solar-Panels-and-Photovoltaics/1.html

You cannot even build the circuit as cheap as you can buy one of these.

I have no affiliation with All Electronics, but allot of us here on Instructables order from them This is where I found out about them.

Hope that helps! And if you still want to make your own....I will post a link to the circuit