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Looking for a sphere inscribed in a cylinder Answered

I am looking for a solid, one-piece sphere inscribed in a cylinder. The cylinder needs to be semi-transparent. Something similar to this: http://www.crockhamhill.kent.sch.uk/teachers/History/AncientGreece/images/sphere_in_cylinder.jpg

Any ideas on where I could get one, or who could create one?



8 years ago

i agree with crlz. take your sphere (any sphere), and put inside tube. there are liquid plastics that will harden clear, look at hobby lobby, you could probbably knock the tube off, especially if you coat the tube with a release agent of some kind.

why do you need this, exactly? it might help us.


8 years ago

Make it.
  1. Stick a transparent glass ball
  2. into a clear tube (probably plastic)
  3. and fill the voids with resin.
Of course, please post it!

8 years ago

That's a digital image.

You could try somebody with a 3d printer, see if they can turn it into reality?