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Looking for a switch, with return to center, like the knob on an RC car remote. Answered

Hello - I am looking for a switch to control volume. Essentially I am looking for a switch like the kind used on RC Cars to control left/right movement. Its the kind of rotary knob that goes two directions with some sort of spring that makes it return to center as off. Anybody know where I can find one? Thanks, -Joe


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13 years ago

Not sure about this feature in a rotary switch (but if you can imagine a switch, someone probably makes it.) A toggle or rocker switch of this type is pretty common. Toughest part is knowing how to read the catalogs. Look for 'momentary' in description. (for a double-pole, double-throw): DPDT (on)-off-(on) A non-momentary switch (without the return-to-center) spec would normally be written: DPDT on-off-on