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Looking for a thermostat Answered

I am a science teacher and need help finding a thermostat to fix the department's water distiller.

It looks very similar to the "Waterwise 9000 contemporary distiller" but is slightly different in appearance.

The basic operation is you fill the reservoir and turn it on, the water boils and is then condensed and drips into the bottle that slides into the front of the device. When the heater reaches a certain temperature a thermostat turns on the cooling fan, when the device cools to below that temperature the cooling fan turns off. There are lots of warnings about running it without the fan because it will burn out the heater.

I have tested the heater and it works fine, I can bypass the thermostat and the fan works fine, but the thermostat no longer switches on the fan. If I can find a replacement thermostat that should fix the entire distiller but it seems to be a custom order only for the manufacturer who wants you to buy a whole new distiller.

Can anyone suggest an appropriate substitute?

The code on the side of the thermostat is:  36tme02 22471 f150-15f p185-97 a0615

I found a similar image on the emerson site for a 36T thermodisc thermostat

Does anyone know how to figure out the switching temperature from the code from the side of the thermostat? Any suggestions are appreciated!


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