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Looking for code to make a Atting85 into a Toggle Touch LED light? Answered

I want to make a simple touch lamp using an attiny85 that will toggle on and off with a single touch point. I have looked on the web and found lots of touch code, but nothing that exactly fits my need. I am not a programmer and cannot tweak someone else code. I will be running the whole thing off rechargeable AA batteries. Thanks for the help!


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5 years ago

I assume you aren't going to use a push button. If you are just use one that will click in and out; ditch the Attiny85. If you are looking for a Capacitive Touch sensor, Check this out !


I have never had any luck running ATtiny's so can't help you there, but this Lib has been used on the Tiny series before. You should be able to adapt the example to what you need. If you have trouble Post your questions, but really shouldn't take much to adapt it on your own.

Most of us could code something for you, but I do not want to deny you the opportunity to figure it out on your own. Post any question you have, Good Luck !