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Looking for constructive critism Answered

I have not written an 'ible in a long while, but was recently so inspired I wrote...

Luck would have it that a game contest opened during my building of the first prototype (pre write up, to get things all worked out), which spurred me on even more.

Anyways, I am wondering how I missed the mark completely, not even worth a feature. I have had way lesser projects featured....and well, I was only inspired to write this to share. Anyone who has been writing here for any amount of time knows that you need to be featured to be seen.

I gave detailed step by step instructions with many pictures well commented...or thought I did.

I did something original (Not many game making tutorials here, only 2 other unity ones, and they are on older versions.)

I thought the demo game download was a nice touch. 

So I am curious for suggestions on how I could spruce it up enough to be considered as a feature. I believe that people would enjoy the topic, and more importantly, I feel people would like to make this or use this as a springboard to their own version.

Was using the robot a big faux pas? I see so many other features that use him and thought it was a good idea. Is the game itself that visually unappealing? Perhaps foolishly , but I love the look....I was...even more foolishly...proud of it.

It wasn't something I just knocked out, but rather something that a lot of time went into. Time that was truly wasted if it is never even seen.

Discouraged. Any suggestions  to how to make it better would be welcome.



5 years ago

  1. Buck up. Walk it off or something. It's not like you're playing against the Seahawks and your uniform is orange...wait
  2. We all serve at the pleasure and whimsy of the magnificent and great Robot. It is only by the grace of his minions and the community team that ibles are featured. Blame Canada.
  3. I would venture to say the audience here has a lot more non-tech types browsing through the forums than the number of ubergeeks who would be able to digest your title. Maybe the general "How to create and program a computer game" would be better to reach a wider audience or "Program your custom computer game" The intro is where you can explain about Unity. The title probably registered with the Jamaican bobsled team looking for their lost luggage. I guess you can add pertinent keywords instead of using them in the title.
  4. I have used -exploited- the Robot theme many a time. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe a screengrab or image of your game on the monitor would have been better to show it was a computer game than someone trying to figure out "oh, that is a computer game and not just a cartoon"
  5. Maybe you should have drawn some comparison to Mario or Donkey Kong or other 2D games.
  6. I know you put in a lot of effort to do the ible. Documenting software procedures is not fun especially if you go into that much detail.
  7. Maybe a more general breakdown or summary of the steps early would be good if the reader wants to only read three or four steps at the most. You could go more in depth in later steps.
  8. I dunno, half the people here are probably looking for super detailed step by step and do not want to read a manual and the other half probably think they know what is in the manual and don't want a super detailed step by step.
  9. Don't worry, some of my stuff has been featured years later and stuff I thought was good never was.

Reply 5 years ago

Well I changed the title and did my best to work some of your other suggestions in to the first page. I doubt it will help the poor thing. But still, heartfelt thanks.


Reply 5 years ago

You need to make a short video of the game in action. I couldn't figure out what the game was unless I analyzed the images. The follow the drawn line thing is cool though. Come up with a good name for your robogame. The punnier the better.

I would crop that screenshot of the actual game and the post-it notes to get rid of the menu bars and excess whitespace so you have a more focused view of the robot.

I think you just need to write a better and more compact intro page. No need to trash anything.


Reply 5 years ago

You are incredible!! A few changes at your suggestion and boom featured and even a comment!!! (the first one doesn't count, it was my brother, I mean he counts, a lot...but well, oh never mind)

Thank you for holding my hand and making me laugh at myself too


Reply 5 years ago


iblejump (is what i called it, was not going for the wit) nor did I try to 'sell' the game factor. It's a beginner tutorial, not an incredible gaming experience, kinda lame as far as games go. Seen worse, been bored by better. It wasn't written as a showcase of the game but rather as a showcase of how easy it is to get started.

hmm, video is hard, not properly equipped...know a free decent software for screen capture? I could try holding the tablet and shooting it, but it'd be grainy as heck, plus I could not play and do that.

Robots do not dream of sheep, they are too busy running from bombs.

Hafta brainstorm the name thing...and...work that into the title? or just where I urge people to try the game? I should try building an os-x version too, but no way to test. (just a click to do and recompile, it really is a sweet software package)

...and i am long winded...too much so. Put a keyboard under the old fingers and they just start yabbering away.

I was honestly at the point of giving up on it. I tried. I failed. Someone else will replicate it better and the tutorial will get out there. That in the end is the important part, that people make stuff and share how.

I thought that the sheer difference from most of the other content would make it a desirable addition. I don't mean to sound rude, but I see the same projects roll through the featured section constantly. I was going for new, and as a search revealed there to be not much other content on the topic, I thought a very detailed account for the complete noob was in order.

*the man interrupts the fingers...would you stop already, she is getting bored*

oops...sorry , i do go on


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Thank You!! lol lol and more lol too. Hey I am Canadian! I had an image of the game itself first, and thought that was why it got no feature so edited it (there are 2 small shots of the game there)....I included the game itself, thought that would make up for it. fail.

Yup trying to suck it up, but hurt pride and all that....many hours vectoring the robot, making sprite sheets, documenting...commenting script, breaking scripts down...sigh.

I'm going to change the title I guess....figured infinite runner would appeal to the herds of gamers...not programmers....well known term, or so I thought..illuminated.

I'll have to reread/rewrite the whole thing...or chalk it up to a loss....

Thank you thank you thank you for helping me see all the areas where I missed.

It still hurts. sigh.