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Looking for help on a bipolar motor driver schematics for L6219ds? Answered

I want to build a small pen plotter and have the motors, carriage, and arduino some L6219ds chips but have no idea where to start with the circuit build for the motor drivers. there are lots of info on the L2 chips but not much on the L6. the chips are from ST microelectronics and are L6219ds. I have the data sheets and I am slowly (very slowly) learning from there. Any and all information on a build, any suggestions would be much welcomed!



5 years ago

There are MUCH simpler chips to use these days than the L6219....The datasheet has an application circuit, the trick is going to be writing the software for them. You can do a crude kind of microstepping with the controller by sequencing the I0 and I1 lines and the phase signal for each coil.