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Looking for inexpensive source of RGB (Star) Luxeon LEDs. Answered

I have an upcoming project that requires lighting a 10' x 10' matrix of 12" square LED driven lightboxes. The only requirement is the capability to display a broad range of color - hence the need for RGB LEDs. I'd like to go with more of a high-output Luxeon star mounted LED (1 or 3 watt) versus using several standard RGB dome LEDs. I figure that I can get away with using 1 Luxeon instead of 6-8 standard LEDs. My question is... does anyone have a reliable source for purchasing these LEDs inexpensively? I've seen several projects where people are getting 1W white units for around $3, but the Tri-color are selling online for around $14-$16 each. Any ideas?


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12 years ago

Well, of course the tri-color LEDs have three chips vs the one in a while LED, so you'd expect them to be at least three times the price, right?
http://www.superbrightleds.com seems to have 1W RGB leds for about $8 each.
You may find it easier to use 5mm or "superflux" LEDs, which are less powerful but cheaper (use more of them!)
Note that as far as I know, Luxeon doesn't make an RGB led. That's another reason the price is high - there aren't nearly as many people making these as make single color LEDs...