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Looking for pre-printed circuit boards Answered

I've been looking around the web trying to find a place that sells ready made circuit boards, plated and pre-drilled; like what you would find in Radio Shack but with a larger selection. I've looked at Mouser and their selection is rather limited. What I need is a circuit board about 1" square for mounting tactile buttons on it. 

Like I said I've been looking all over and all I can find are websites that make custom circuit boards, but nothing already made. So anyone know of a place where I can buy already made circuit boards?



6 years ago

A friend ordered some custom boards:

The PCBs were manufactured at BatchPCB (www.batchpcb.com).  If you google "Alternatives to BatchPCB" you'll find an article discussing others that are similar, and what their pros and cons are.

BatchPCB is best for the early prototypes (~2 boards a batch), but has long lead time (3-4 weeks).  If you're making 25 or more, or if you want the boards faster, others make more sense.

This may work for you, although the added cost of custom boards may be a negative.


6 years ago

How many buttons? What layout? Have you considered stripboard?