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Looking for someone to help me construct an idea i have. Answered

Hello everyone I am looking for someone who can design circuit boards and knows a programming language to program a microcontroller. I would like to talk to someone local if possible, I live in tuscawaras county, Ohio. I am looking basically to control 4 rgb leds. Its not something I can find on instructables but after the project is completed i would like to make an instructable about it. So if you live in ohio and would like to help me please let me know. Must beable to program a microcontroller to controller rgb leds and must beable to design a circuit board knowing what components to use and what not. Thank you and I look forward to some responses. Pay will be negotiable.



7 years ago

Lemonie.... Is this what you mean?

I would like to beable to cycle through different modes I guess you can say. For instance, if you push a button the leds light up red. Push button again they light up blue, push Again and there purple, so on so forth. Basically would want 10 to 15 different colors availible.

huck alexandermybills2356

Reply 7 years ago

Have you figured this out yet? I have done a fair amount of LED's, but had difficulties when trying to get a momentary push button to control specific instructions with my Arduino Uno.

If you want to collaborate (if the project is still in progress), I'm sure we can get it figured out. I do not live near you, but could work with you remotely.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks!



7 years ago

I would be willing to help you.
Might even be able to help you for free, depends tho...
I don't live near you but we could still talk in person via Skype/phone/Email/other.


7 years ago

Why don't you tell people what sort of control you want?
You've up to 5 data-bits but I'm not sure you'd need them all.