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Looking for thoughts. Answered

My PC wnt a bit wonky this morning.  Mouse pointer moved around just fine but the system wouldn't recognize any clicks. Well at first i could click on the web browser and open a new tab but that was it. I restarted the system and had the same problem. So i wasn't able to lick to log in. So i tried another mouse and got the same result. Then i tried both mice on different USB connection both on the front and rear of the system. No change. Out of frustration i slammed the mouse down on the keyboard tray a couple of time and then everything started working fine again. Any thoughts on what happened?

I suspect it's an issue with the keyboard. Being a wireless keyboard that came with a wireless mouse i think the keyboard had something to do with it. I've had an occasion where the keys stopped working on the keyboard till i moved the receiver around a bit. oh well.




4 years ago

Solar flare

Wireless is wonky with random interference. I've gone through a few wireless mice that now I prefer the old wired ones...and ones that are big enough to fit my hand.


Reply 4 years ago

Yep my next keyboard will be wired. I have a wired keyboard on it now but it's a basic keyboard. Gotta have audio control on my keyboards now days.