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Looking to have small 3D printed pieces made Answered

I am constructing an actual working version of the locket from The Illusionist. All of the ones that I have seen done try to make a different mechanism than is "displayed" in the movie, but none of them do it right, in my opinion. It has to be quite small, and it has to be intricate. I have come up with just the mechanism so that the two halves can rotate and slide across the same axis, just like in the movie, but in order to get it to work properly, the dimensions need to be precise, sturdy, and retain fluid movement. This I cannot do with wood. as small as these pieces need to be, plastic is the only medium I can use and still be exact, and a 3D printer is the only thing I can think of that will easily achieve this. The problem is that I do not possess one of these printers, and hence need your help! I also will be needing to work with you to design the pieces on the software side of the printer. I have it all in my noggin, guys, please help me bring this to fruition!

Thank you!


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6 years ago

I want to help you.

get Google sketch up.

learn to draw what you drew but on google sketch up and send it to me.

I will go over it and let you know what I can do with you. I will print off the pieces until they are perfect .

I too am a wood worker and can help you but I won't do it for you.

Sketch up is easy and free.

its a great tool. I want to see what you can do with wood also. . .

I have a Makerbot Replicator 2X. I have a little bit of red and some white filament.

Im running low but I will help you because everyone should get what they want.


6 years ago

This is the general idea of how the locket works