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Looking to make a basic LED scoreboard Answered

Looking to make a simple LED scoreboard for scoring "Bags" games (Cornhole). All i Need is 2 rows of 21 LEDS on each side of a vertical board with the bottom denoting scoring "1" and the top as "21". And I'd like to have some sort of momentary button to press that would move the circuit from 1 to 21 one increment at a time (moving up, turning on the next as the last one turns off). I could just put switches on each led but I am trying to avoid that. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

PS , if all the lights stay on until i get to the top and then able to reset it, that would be fine too, Just trying to eleviate the use of multiple toggle switches.



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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

8 years ago

I think an almost identical question came up a while back, you may be able to search for it. I believe one of the solutions suggested was to string 3x8-bit shift registers together, hold the input high, then put a button on the clock input so that the bar goes one LED further each time it is pressed.


Answer 8 years ago

+1, also possible to have a schmidt-trigger load a single bit in the first data position then turn off, and incrementing the clock increments the bit up the strand = less battery usage.
I think just a button and a capacitor could act as 'reset', with the button pulling the data pin high, and having the clock pin connected to the data pin via a capacitor so that the data pin was before the clock pin could rise.


Just have pin8's connected to a debounced button instead of the oscillator (you don't want the score to increment over time!)