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Looking to make a new coilgun, need answers Answered

I was going to start a new coilgun now that i've learn more about the coil it self (last one shot 3 inches , bad coils!

  • Whats the best capacitors to use?
- How many volts and UF?
- Where can i get them for a cheap price?

  • What tips do i need to know to keep the capacitors safe, as long with me (besides DONT TOUCH CONNECTIONS WHEN ITS HOT!) lol....

I can use camera flash circuits to charge the caps, just don't know whats best to get :(


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12 years ago

I use weather stripping and electrical tape to cover the leads off of the capacitors to keep them from being able to short anywhere. Just get the caps from cameras (I'm assuming you already know/tried this because of the charger circuits mentioned) Seriously, I got 80 cameras from a rite aid the other day. NOTHING beats a free, decently working capacitor.