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Looking to make my own holiday viewing glasses ala Holiday Specs .... Answered

Looks like a simple enough thing to replicate,lol. But I need a more seasoned paper crafter to help me find the right material(s),please.

I was thinking that there was prolly a vellum that'd do well to replicate the kaleidoscope effect they give to the season's light displays. Anyone know of such a thing? Or have other ideas to the same ends?

Thank you so much for any help you can offer:) I'm rather infamous for bigger ideas than I have skill sets,lol. Maybe some day you'll have a crafting block and I could return the favor,lol.



10 years ago

Are you looking to make a pair of glasses so that when you look through them you see a multi-colored effect or do you want to see multiple images like what a "bee's eye view" is like? You can create a stubby pair of binoculars that are really short kaleidoscope tubes. It is a matter of getting little mirrors inside or finding a lens that has prismatic facets on it. You would need to turn it by hand or motorize it to get the swirling effect. For an odd effect you can cut up a plastic frensel lens like those sheet page magnifiers and create your own segmented lens. Good luck.