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Looking to reuse old laptop built in speakers Answered

I recently removed the speakers from my old Dell Inspiron 1400.
I'm looking for tips on how to make them into a pair of DIY speakers. Do I just connect them to a minijack and it'll work?
There are four colored wires coming out from the pair of speakers (red, black, blue and white) and I read about speakers right and left being red and black but I'm unsure about the white and blue.
Appreciate any feedback on this =D


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3 years ago

I've done that and it works most of the time, but the volume is pretty low. You need to wire it to an amplifier, to amplify the sound. But keep in mind that it needs to connect an external power source too.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

You should try this.

By the way, there is word for what you get when you connect a pair of tiny speakers to a headphone plug, and the word for this is, "headphones".

In response to your question,

"Do I just connect them to a minijack and it'll work?"

I think you will get sound being emitted by the tiny speakers, but that sound will not be very loud.

To make sound louder, requires device called amplifier.

Often speakers and amplifier are packaged together, and the correct name for this package is "amplified speakers".

A lot of people are ignorant, and use the word "speakers" to refer to "amplified speakers", so it is often hard to tell exactly what someone is talking, or writing, about, when he or she says, "Well, I've got some speakers here, that I pulled out of an old computer..."

However, if you have the actual artifact in front of you, there is an easy way to distinguish amplified speakers, from just plain speakers. That is, if there is a place to input power, then your speakers are the amplified kind, because amplifiers require input power. Also if you have the cover off, you will see components that look like active components; i.e. chips, sometimes with heatsinks, and usually a little population of resistors and capacitors surrounding those chips, usually all soldered together on a little circuit board.

It looks like Wikipedia uses the word, "powered speakers", for what I am calling amplified speakers, here:


They also have an article for plain, unpowered, passive speakers too, here:


Also if you want to see some different phono plug shapes, there is an article for this too.


The headphone plug I see most often is called 3.5 mm TRS (tip, ring, sleve), and I think that is the same thing you call "minijack" or maybe "miniplug", when taling about the plug side. Perhaps if you were talking about the smaller 2.5 mm version, you would call it "subminijack" or "subminiplug"