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Lots of electronic parts FOR SALE - super cheap! Answered

I  have a surplus of electronic components left over from when I worked with my dad. We built stroller vending machines for shopping malls. some of the parts are kind of specific to vending machines (bill acceptors and coin hoppers), however some of the parts can have infinite uses in the hands of the instructables community. I will list what I have and please feel free to email me with any questions. I can send photos upon request. All  of these parts are brand new in the box. I live in the chicagoland area.
You can email me at Kellensmetalart@comcast.net.  Check out my metal sculpture at Kellensmetalart.blogspot.com

Coinco bill acceptor Mag50B - $60 ea. (27 available)
Crouzet 30amp 50V relay - $7 ea. (330 available)
Money Control coin hopper / part # 40-4600-78 - $50 ea. (26 available)
Meanwell power supply (240w 48V 5A) / part # S-240-48 - $75 ea. (25 available)
Idec power supply (50w 24V 2.1A) / part # PS5R-D24 21 - $40 ea. (20 available)
Idec I/O (20 terminal breakout module) / part # BX1D-S20A - $8 ea. (72 available)
Idec I/O (26 terminal breakout module) / part # BX1D-S26A - $10 ea. (23 available)
Aromat reset counter / part # LC2H-F-DL-2KK-B   - $25 ea. (20 available)
Microsmart PLC (output module) / part # FC4A-T16S3   - $45 ea. (27 available)
Microsmart PLC (input module) / part # FC4A-N32B3   - $55 ea. (35 available)


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11 years ago

I am very interested in the relays, but is there any possibility of lowering the price?


11 years ago

You will get more interest if you add images of the items, and give an idea of postage costs (or at least weight / size) for interested buyers outside Chicagoland.

A picture of your sculpture would be interesting as well...

Oh, and it's not a great idea to post your email address in plain text - it could get harvested by a spambot, even here.