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Low Cost CNC? Answered

Does anybody know if there is a small, personal CNC in the range of under $1000? I do not feel I am ready to make my own, though I know there are plenty of 'ibles about them that I'm sure are good. I am looking to purchase a CNC, software, cabling, bits and all. Is there even such one as cheap as this? if so, where would I find one?



7 years ago

Thank you all. I suppose I'll have to "learn up" and eventually build my own. Again, thanks.


7 years ago

What exactly do you want to cut, how big, how fast, how accurately all these things affect the cost.

i doubt you will meet your price other than DIY.

In the UK an A3 size cutting surface using a router to do the cutting is about £14,000

Vinyl cutter are cheaper.

The Ideanator

Best Answer 7 years ago

Not that I've heard of.

It is totally possible to rig something up out of stepper motors, threaded rod and some cheap Chinese motor controllers, the rest is mostly angle iron and grease.
You can see about modifying some 3d printer software to suit your needs if you really don't want to spend the money on Mach3 or Mastercam.


7 years ago

Sign up at the Woodworkers Guild of America website for their free newsletter TODAY and you will find out TOMORROW!!!

First ever Personal CNC under $1000.00 - it's not the plans for a DIY cnc either. It is a servo motor and ready to go out of the box.


7 years ago