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Low friction "bearings" Answered

For several of my projects I required some sort of bearing that would not only allow for a minimised free play but also very low friction.
Before you get too exited: This is not a new type of bearing or anthing for heavy duty loads, not even for ongoing use without servicing.

I found that even slightly heavier things rotated on makishift bearing far easier if the axle was verticall instead of horizontally.
This gave me the idea to try a simple needle-bearing approach.

This is how it goes:
1. Grind and polish your axle to get a nice needle point - it must be perfectly centered!
I prefer to do this with the axle in a fast spinning drill on a fine grinder.
The polishing in a simlilar way, but please do not try it with a cloth in your hand on a spinning axle!
2. The other part of the bearing is a screw or pin with a punch mark.
I grinded and polished a punch for this so it has an angle of 60° and polished it to a mirror finnish.
If alignment is of importance then of course the pin/screw must work for this purpose!
If in doubt make it spind an use a pencil to get the true center.

A drop of sewing machine oil and it spins nice and with very little friction.
The key is to adjust the gap(s) between axle and punch mark to next to nothing.
You don't want any pressure along the axle as you would "drill" a hole into your mounts.
And you don't want it too loose to avoid wobble.

I hope it might give you an idea for your next project.


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