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Low quality prize Answered

After placing second in a contest, I was very disappointed to find that the prize tool was a low quality tool from harbor freight which broke the first time I used it. I was also disappointed to see that they greatly overstated the $ value of the tool by linking to the most overpriced seller they could find (double the going rate for the tool). Last time I placed in a contest, the tool was a very nice dremel which I have used often and has not broken. Would be nice if they would give us quality tools again.


:) Prize was that bending brake? I got it too. Mine didn't broke, but it needed to be straightened because it was twisted. Also i added screws to be able to clamp sheet to it without need to use clamps and extra angle iron to make it stronger... Not complaining, but seems that Instructables staff needs to consider should they choose Harbor freight tools again.


1 year ago

Sorry about that. Let me see what we can do to replace that for you!