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Low-tech anemometer that records highest wind speed Answered

I've been tooling for one of these for ages, or how to build one. It has to be low-tech: no electronics, no batteries if at all possible.

I want to measure the highest-speed winds per day, not the actual windspeed at that particular moment. I live in a wind-tunnel and I'm curious to know just how strongly it blows

My very vague idea was:

windsock with a cord attached to the far end

gauge with vertical slider, wind speeds marked,

sliding part fitted with ratchet system so it can move up freely, but not down again

cord on the end of the sock connects to the back of the slider:

theory: the harder the wind blows, the higher the end of sock will be lifted, and the higher the slider will be pulled.

Each day I'd be able to take the highest reading, then reset the slider back down for the next day

I've got a cheap cup anemometer but I've no idea how to use its rotation speed to make measurements

of course, marking the gauge accurately would be a bit tricky!

Does anyone have any thoughts/tips/suggestions?

Thanks! I've been looking vainly for "mechanical anemometers" but usually get the "take four paper cups" type, or the pukka ones at £££ or $$$. it'd have to stay outside all the time, so a battery one wouldn't be much use


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