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Lvds help Answered

So this might be a bit of a strange one i have a LE-375 single board computer nothing to fancy but im planning a little project for it and i got given it and would love to get it up and running on Linux as its not the most of powerful of devices. Iv contacted the company who make them but not getting much help from them unfortunately (shame really), Iv asked around and im not getting any replies or im asking in the wrong places, few people have said they dont know but would be interested if i find out the answe. So as you can guess im totally stuck. So my first problem is the board only has LVDS output, i have a HT185WX1-300 panel im trying to connect to the LE-375, im really hoping i can get this working. Connections are as followers 5v Atx0- / Rx0- ~ Atx0+ / Rx0+ ~ Atx1- / Rx1- ~ Atx1+ / Rx1+ ~ Atx2- / Rx2- ~ Atx2+ / Rx2+ ~ Aclk- / Rxclk- ~ Aclk+ / Rxclk+ ~ Atx3- / Rx3- ~ Atx3+ / Rx3+ But im only getting 3 horizontal lines and im at a loss, i know the panel is 1366*768 and the LE-375 runs at 1280*1024 but i would of thought i would of got some sort of image or dose it have to bed the same? Iv been looking about for a monitor with the same spec but not got the spare money at the moment. Or is there any other way of getting a display for this little device? I was thinking of just adding a vga or hdmi port but the ic only supports LDVS. So any help or advice would be appreciated thanks.



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I have never seen this protocol before, but the way I am kind of expecting it to work is, transmit pins on the computer board, named:

{TX0-, TX0+}, {TX1-, TX1+},{TX2-, TX2+}, {TX3-, TX3+}

want to be connected to receive pins on the display:

{RX0-, RX0+}, {RX1-, RX1+},{RX2-, RX2+}, {RX3-, RX3+}

Also I expect the clock pins want to be connected in a similar way, with transmitting clock, on the computer board:


connected to receive clock on the display:


The confusing thing, to me, is the board seems to have two sets of outputs, (or rather that page of pinouts from the page from the manual you posted here) prefixed by the letters A and B, with the As on the even numbered pins, and the Bs on the odd numbered pins.

If I follow what you wrote, you said you connected all the As, as transmit pins, to all the RXs on the display.

Maybe if you try the same thing, but with the Bs instead.

Forgive me, if you have already tried this.

What is another permutation? Perhaps swap the + and - of those differential signals around?

I dunno. I am kind of hoping someone else reading this forum has connected one of these kind of displays before, and maybe he or she has some insight.