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MACH3 help. motor turns 1way only? Answered

Hey, I'm Building a 3axis CNC milling machine.
I've made a test setup with one motor, driver, controller, computer.
Got the motor turning, but only one way, no matter if I press arrow (on keyboard) up or down.

I've connected:
Step P2
and have setup the ports/ pin config menu to that.

I've connected an external 5V power supply to the driver board.
The motor is connected as instructed by the seller.

please help me...



Best Answer 6 years ago

There are two possibilities: Software or hardware. I'd check to see if the computer DOES change the "DIR" pin level, when you think you are reversing the motor ? If it does, and the motor doesn't change direction, check the wiring of the controller and the motor.


Answer 6 years ago

tried changing the outputs to P7 and P8... it worked, must be an error on the breakout board ;)

well thanks!