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MATLAB Simscape Power Systems & Electronic ? Answered

Hello! I need tutoring MATLAB Simscape Power Systems and Electronic.
I am working on a project in which I am trying to simulate Photo voltaic panel charging battery with controller ( dc-dc buck-boost converter) with Maximum Power Point Tracker and without it. I need to calculate efficiency for both cases. I have stared part of it with searching online
Please, if you can help let me know


Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

I have never actually worked with this simulator, but you know, these things usually come with some documentation.

You kind of have to look up details for each block, so you can give each block the signals it wants. If there are blocks with essential inputs unconnected, the simulator is totally going to give you error messages about this.

I mean, you'd do the same thing, complain about the missing things you needed, if you were a computer program.

For example, this block called, "MPPT" (for maximum power point tracker ?), it wants some inputs. It wants signals for Va, Ia, and clock. Those signals are going to have to come from the block called "PV Array" somehow.

I am guessing the physical meaning of these signals are:

"Va" = voltage across the array

"Ia" = current flowing from the array

"clock" = a regular periodic signal

I am naively guessing that "clock" signal is used to create this signal called "Duty", and that both those signals will have the same frequency, except "Duty" is some kind of PWM signal.

I mean look in your box of blocks, and see if you can find something for making a clock signal. Maybe it is called, "clock", perhaps? And block for measuring current. And a block for measuring voltage. Or who knows? Maybe you can measure voltages directly, just by connecting lines?

I dunno. If I was you, I think I'd want to RTFM (read the friendly manual), to discover how this simulator works. Either that or try to find somebody else in this class who does know how to do this homework assignment. Or try to find a tutorial online somewhere. Um, well, I guess you're working on that already.