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MEH! :D A Build Night at Montana Ethical Hackerspace! Answered

Instructables is sponsoring a Monthly Build Night at Montana Ethical Hackers!  Stop by our Open Hack Night to make your own 3D circuit board with Bare Conductive paint provided by Instructables!  We'll have a bunch of fun stuff and Instructables is providing pizza as well!

I wanted to embed images in this... but the forum here only allows them to be grouped at the end.  This has certainly made the merry month of May merrier!

Big thanks go out to Instructables.com for the equipment and a decent shot at recognition.  It can be hard when your state is as sparsely populated as Montana.

Meet us at the North entrance to the downtown walking mall!
We're in the US Bank building on the 3rd Floor.
May 30th @ 7 PM

Check out the details of our event here:


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7 years ago

Sounds like a fun night!


Reply 7 years ago

Thank You! Open Hack Nights are always a blast(sometime literally). This one is sure to be thrilling. I'm anxious with anticipation. I even put a countdown timer on our main page and our blog ^_^