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MOT confused? Answered

Been watching a lot of videos on youtube about increasing the voltage on Microwave oven transformers!. what i cant undrstand is when people take out the secondry windings of the transformer & replace it with a few turns of 10 gauge wire to increase the power how does it work? as from  what i've seen the 10 gauge wire still has the insulstion on it so how does the current cant get through to produce extra power?. Also what do the shunts do in the workings of the transformer?. can anyone explain this to me in laymans terms!. Thank's, Tezza1.


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The MadScientist
The MadScientist

9 years ago

When they are taking out the secondary and replacing it with a few turns they are reducing the voltage to increase current not power

The shunts in the transformer current limit it.

I have looked a lot on the internet and there isn't anything on increasing the voltage of one however I have done it myself by reducing primary turns and submerging it in food grade paraffin oil to insulate it.

Unless you really know what you're doing I would highly recommend that you don't increase the voltage on a MOT they can kill easily.