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MS Project cannot open the file? Answered

My .mpp files are failing to open in the MS Project. I get the msg "Cannot open file. The file may be corrupted".

Any ideas anyone?



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Best Answer 6 years ago

Make use of
following helpful resource:-


Other solutions
are to recover from backup. Open on another machine with Project or repair the User
Profile. It may be corrupt. If you can log in with another username to the PC
and try to open the file. Good luck,

could give this
a try:

1] Go t File
--> Options --> Trust Center --> click on Trust Center Settings -->
Select the option "Allow loading files with legacy or non-default file
formats" and try opening the file.

2] Open a blank
project and try inserting the problematic file and try opening it.

As a variant might be
Project Recovery Kit by web address: http://www.all-recovery-inc.com/#!/mpprecoverytoo...