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MSZ-DM35VA air-conditioner wifi module Answered

Dear All,

Is there any way to make my Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioner WIFI controller? I would like to control if via my android phone. I was looking around and there is an official WIFI module from the manufacturer but the price of it is just horrendous. They are asking nearly 100 USD for that piece of....module. This is the one: http://www.mitsubishielectric.com.au/wifi/wifi-con...

I was looking around on ebay too and there are numerous amount of controllers which makes your air-conditioner "smart", but those are connecting via infrared, so you have to connect it to your PC or laptop via micro USB, connect it to your network, and then it communicates with the air-conditioner via infrared, but this is kinda hassle, since you have to position it exactly the way so the signal reaches the front "part" of the air-conditioner...it would be awesome if there would be a way which is working like the manufacturer's one, and doesn't cost a 100 USD.

Waiting for every suggestions.

Thank you.:



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