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Mac-o-Lanterns, Caveman Costume, Cotton Candy Machine... Answered

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Nov. 1, 2007

Welcome back!

Lots of news this week:

DIY Halloween 2007 Contest ends this on Sunday night (11:59 pm PST). Win a trip to Maker Faire 2008 or many other fantastic prizes. Post your Instructable this weekend!

Live near Boston? Check out theShow & Tell at MITERS tomorrow night, Nov. 2.

The Howtoons book
is now available in stores! Buy a copy or two for kids you know.

Don't forget about the
Mash-Up Contest or the Laser Cutter Contest

- show us what you can make!
Build Your Own Electric Guitar!
With some woodworking skills and a love of music, you can make your own guitar just the way you want it.
posted bygbuilderonOct 31, 2007
Build an Amazing Tesla CD Turbine
Watch your CDs spin at over 15,000 rpm using compressed air and some helpful advice from Mr. Tesla.
posted bymrfixitson Oct 31, 2007
Bring your old computers back from the dead and scare all the geeks in the neghborhood!
posted byFuseboxonOct 30, 2007

Win a free trip to Maker Faire 2008!
Contest ends this Sunday!
How to MAKE a Geico Caveman Costume
De-evolutionize yourself with these handy mask-making instructions for $30!
posted byBeerBellyJoeon Oct 29, 2007
Halo 3 Master Chief Halloween costume
You can't just finish the fight in your daily threads. Follow these instructions to save the world in style, hero.
posted byzogdukeonOct 28, 2007

Over $5,000 in prizes!
Cotton Candy Machine
Build your own machine to spin out yummy strands of hot sugar.
posted by bangbang007on Oct 28, 2007
How to get some revenge on the credit companies
Show the credit card companies that their mass mailings aren't appreciated any more.
posted byDangerArtonOct 27, 2007

The Laser Cutter Contest is Back!
Toddler Flintstone Car
When the kids want to go out as Pebbles and Bambam the're absolutely going to need this car to complete the look.
posted bylemaster63 onOct 27, 2007
Articulated Wing Framework
The perfect foundation for your bat, bird, angel or demon costume. Extend those wings and fly!
posted byrachelon Oct 26, 2007

Gas Powered Shredder
Shred those leaves for some quick composting with this modification of parts you probably already have in the garage.
posted byrobbtoberfestonOct 26, 2007

The Halloween Costume Ball was a blast! Check out tons of photos of the costumes, food, and fun here and here

Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric


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