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Magnet Challenge winners! Answered

The votes are in! Congratulations to the winners of the Magnet Challenge!

Magnet Challenge winners
Shake it like a Tic-Tac! by MrMunki
Magnetic Stirrer by g0pher
Magnetic Fingertip Gloves by vatosupreme
Magno-Sniffer (Magnetic Sniffer Probe Whistler Thing Using A Hall Effect Sensor) by pronteon
Versatile and Low Cost Digital Counter by trebuchet03
MAGNETIC SCALES by puffin_juice

OK, I said there would be only five winners, but there was a tie and I hadn't specified how I would break ties, so I'll just get another ATC 1000 Helmet cam!

Also, I found another Digital Spy Camera under my desk, so I'm making a special category to win this prize: To the user with the most judges' votes among all his magnet projects. This goes to FrenchCrawler for The "Improved" Ferrous Gatherer :), Coversational Magnet "Toy", "Mine" your own ferromagnetic metal (slivers)..., and Portable, Pocket Sized ROMP. While closely related, I can't quite make a case for them all being part of a single, multi-part Instructable.

The entries to the Magnet Challenge were so good that we're going to send Instructables patches to everyone who entered!

Thanks to everyone to who entered and to the people who helped judge the challenge: arwen, canida, fungus amungus, intoon, lebowski, and rachel.

Original Magnet Challenge instructions here, Magnet Challenge Group, information about the SpyCam here, and an Instructable using the ATC Helmet Cam here.



12 years ago

I got my stuff today :) Good timing too :P I'll have an instructable on making thermocouples in the next few days :)


12 years ago

how are we going to go about mailing out the prizes :)


Reply 12 years ago

I'll email you the prizes! I mean, I'll email you to get your address, and real mail you the prizes!