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Maintain permanent link to my instructable? Answered

I'm confident my instructable-to-be will need changes and additions after I publish. As I understand it, such changes may require changing the i'ble's url. But, I expect to publicize the url (on paper, even) and want it to have a long lifetime.

Is there any help within instructables.com?
My fallback: find if tinyurl or a similar site will let me establish, then later re-point a tiny url to the new i'ble url.
My second fallback: publicize only "as seen in instructables.com" and hope that someone searching on the project's name, "memorable name goes here", will find it.

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Best Answer 10 years ago

Once you publish an Instructable, we don't change the URL. We have ability to change the URL in special cases, but typically do not to avoid confusion with inbound links.

Larry Breed

10 years ago

Yes, but... can I continue to make changes to my instructable after I publish? I was under the impression that I can't.

gmjhoweLarry Breed

Answer 10 years ago

Once, the item is published, you get a small 'edit' link at the top to one side. Once your amend is made, if you then save it, it will auto update. Without needing to re-publish.