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Make Playstation 2 Controller Turn On Lights! Compensation! Answered

I am working on a performative art project and need to figure out a way to take a Playstation 2 controller and hook it up to lights so when I press the O or X button a corresponding light will turn on. The lights will prompt the performers to carry out certain actions.  If you are interested in helping you will be compensated (through paypal or something. We can discuss that later).  Let me know if you have any thoughts about such a project. Thank you.


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6 years ago

I would think you want to post this in a tech section as you will want to have a MCU of some sort to handle this. https://www.instructables.com/id/Control-anything-with-ps2-controller-and-Arduino-/ shows using Arduino though you can probably just use an AVR like the ATMega8 or 168 or something instead if budget is a concern. Basically you need to 1) wire the ps2 receiver to a MCU 2) when a button press is received supply the power to a logic level MOSFET 3) have the lights in the circuit on that logic level MOSFET to turn on when the logic gate is powered. You didn't mention the type of lights you want to drive or proximity (which could be of concern for range) but you may want to include that.