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Make Wearable Camera with Phone Camera Answered

I have no knowledge in electronics but I'd like to have a wearable camera that can record things in my perspective.

Is it possible to remove the camera on your phone and convert it into a wearable camera? If I want sound to be recorded as well would I need something more?

I've searched online for products that do this and they are quite expensive. Also, they are usually on sale abroad.

Would anybody recommend a brand that is affordable for a student(or compare brands)? Or is making your own better?

If I made my own, how would battery and powering work?

Thank you!


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6 years ago

so you want a camera, with a microphone, and a self contained battery system? why remove anything from the phone to begin with? just build a holder for a used phone and go to town (or wherever you're wanting to record). it's already got a rechargeable battery, a camera, a microphone, and expandable storage (assuming it's got an SD slot)