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Make a 4 song mp3 from scratch? Answered

I would like to create a box that has four different buttons, each one plays a different song, but I have no idea how to store the songs(The amp isn't an issue, there are enough Instructables out there on that) or how to record the songs onto the memory device.  It would be nice to be able to record it through a microphone or the earphone jack on a computer.  I would also like it to be able to fit in my pocket if that is possible(the recording device doesn't need to fit in my pocket). Here is a picture of what I want to make.

|||||||||||||||||||                   _[Song1]_[Button1]_
||POWER||________|_[Song2]_[Button2]_|   |||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||                   |_[Song3]_[Button3]_|_|Speakers|
                                      |_[Song4]_[Button4]_|  ||||||||||||||||||||

Thanks a Million


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Best Answer 10 years ago

If I had to homebrew... Given how cheaply one can get small MP3 players these days, I'd be inclined to piggyback on the work they've already done. Start with a small player, figure out how to "push its buttons" electronically, then build a relatively simple interface device which, for each button, issues a set of button pushes which stops whatever is currently playing and starts playing the selected track.