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Make a CNC with Camera Answered

Hi my friends.

I want to make my own CNC Router,but i want to add an Camera for point positions and cutting through black lines using mach3.\

I will send an youtube link from one CNC that has this function.

If anyone has an idea how can make something like this please write to me.


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2 years ago

IF you have the hardware and software skills to complete the project I can see 3 ways to go about this.
1. Use a fairly standard line follower type circuit (lots of examples on the web)
2. Raster scan the image looking for black using a camera with a very small field of view - in fact you could do this with a simple light sensor. When you read a black point pulse the laser to cut.
3. As DU says capture the image and vectorise it reduce the contrast until only the black lines show. Then convert into Gcode for cutting.

For me I wouldn't do any of this at all - I would build the CNC system and slave it mechanically or electrically to a pointer, run the pointer over the parts of the image you want to cut - Job done. Something like the way a copy router works.

or something like this


2 years ago

In theory it is "simple"...
I see two possible options.
a) The camera "traces" the image and estabilishes a tool path through post processing.
Basically like vectorising the entire image in reference to the zero coordinates of the router.
b) Real time tracking.
Here the camera reads ahead and modifies the toolpath on the go.

From the video is not clear with approach was used, so it might as well be a totally independent software doing the scaning and post processing.
After that the required code is sent to the actual router part.
But due to the camera location it is clear that it can't be real time tracking.

If you want to try it on a budget scale then keep both tasks seperated.
Take single pics or a scanning video with the camera and a suitable algorithm or software to vectorise the results while keeping the dimensions true.
This means the resuting vector file is used to generate the code for the machine while adjusting for dimensions as a vector file has no real size to speak of.
You can already use a standard vector file for cutting with the right software, so it only comes down to generating your source vector file with a mounted cam instead of traditional ways.