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Make a bike out of polypropylene tubes Answered

What do you think about making a bike out of polypropylene tubes?
Yes, that ones that you use for water in your home.
Here is a picture if you don''t know what I'm talking about:
Obviously the design won't be like normal bikes. It will be more reforced.
My questions are:
1-How wide the tube needs to be?
2-How I joint them?

I want to do the frame for an electric bike. It will be a lot lighter than welded steel.
Thank you.



7 years ago

I recently saw a video of a guy that made a fully functional bicycle out of cardboard so I guess that it should be possible to make it out of almost anything!


7 years ago

It will be a lot lighter than welded steel
-It will be a lot more bendy/wobbly.

The best bikes are made of the best materials, and so far I don't know of any that are made of PP.
You might have a look for bamboo-bikes, it's light  and stiffer.



7 years ago

Thank you very much for reply, I hope other people can give me more ideas or options, those are better than a definitive no.
The pipe i want to use is red. The design won't be like normal bikes, I can sure of it.
I will buy some pipe to test it's hardness at different lenghts.


7 years ago

I guess the pipe you are referring to is that gray rigid pipe, same stuff used for watertight electrical conduit maybe? It is stiff but maybe still too flexy depending on the length of the tubes in the bike configuration. Maybe fill it with expanding foam before use. You might want to look up the bamboo bike instructables and maybe use that as a guide. I think only metal lugs would suffice because of the tremendous strain they get when in use. The pipe is joined to the metal lugs with carbon fiber tape wrapping and epoxy resin. Good luck.