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Make a book with A4 old lined papers from notebooks Answered

I want to make all these loose A4 lined papers that I have collected from notebooks into a book.

I have looked at some instructables for binding books but am not sure what is the best way bind in this case. The pages have been either ripped from the side of the notebook or whole signatures have been pulled out.

I am leaning towards just stapling them all together with a thick coloured paper cover. Your input on this would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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9 years ago

If these papers have enouch room left empty on the binding edge, then a japanese style bookbinding with a string passing through holes in the pages would work. Despite my description it's much-much more sturdy than a ring binder.  This 'ible explains the basic method: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-recycle-office-paper-into-blank-books/ . You can hide the ripped left edges if you fold a one piece cover around the stack or leave them showing if you add two separate covers to the top and bottom of the stack. Googling "japanese bookbinding" gives some images of more ineresting stitches too.

If the main point is to keep pages in order and they will not get touched too often, then you could bind a book that has the height of the pages but is very narrow and then glue edges of your pages one by one to the narrow book. But that is a lot of work compared to just keeping them in briefcase. Might work for something fancy though.


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