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Make a collage of Oak Island suitable to hang as a decoration on a wall ? Answered

3D Island Picture Box, Diorama, Wall art, Curse of Oak Island Theme, Framed by Ocean, Money Pit depicted..

Hoping someone in crafts knows a good instructable on creating such an wall depiction as a gift 2 months hence...
The Money Pit was discovered by two boys from Canada a long time ago on Oak Island  and now is a treasure hunt reality show..
In fact there are tour groups visiting this now well known island...
It is my desire to make a 3D version of this island and embed a replicate of one of the micro treasures found over the years.



Answer 1 year ago

Thank you Rick,

This is the best summary of the money-pit I have seen to date..


1 year ago

Riffing off Rick's theme, I made a precision model of the terrain of our land in PA. in florist's foam, with a USGS LIDAR map, and AutoCAD Civil 3D which my son is playing with before he goes off to school to major in Civil and structural engineering.

If you find your data, I'd be delighted to machine it for you.

The model I cut is so sensitive, it reproduces the road camber.


Answer 1 year ago

Thank you Steve,

Most gracious of you to offer.. Sounds as my very best option..

And have been looking for 3D USGS equivalent data.

My backup is insulation foam and my welding rod ee-hot knife :-)