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Make a compact keyboard? Answered

Hey all you tech gurus - I want to modify a full-size keyboard into a compact one, i.e. chopping off the number pad area so that it will fit into a small case. Alternatively, I have a couple of old laptop keyboards - is there a way to wire one to fit into a standard keyboard connection (not USB)?

Appreciate your thoughts.



Best Answer 9 years ago

You won't be able to make a compact keyboard for less than you can buy one for. I saw a beautiful little keyboard (USB with an adapter to PS2) for $6 recently.


Answer 9 years ago

Ah - nice. Thing is, I need one that isn't USB - can't imagine an adapter for that, but who knows. I also have this awesome fold up keyboard for a Palm, an interface for that would be great. I know, I think the impossible.

Where did you see the keyboard?


Answer 9 years ago

USB/PS2 adapters are easy to find here. Sorry, wrong side of the Atlantic.

We use really nice little Cherry keyboards for our stuff at work, they are about 65 USD ! And they come with USB/PS2 adapters.