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Make a spring Answered

Dear all.
I would like to make a spring 8mm diameter 100 mm long with 18 gauge galvanized wire (needless perfect) . Please could you help me to know :
It's must make   heat treatment  before or after on the finished spring .Thank you so much




3 years ago

You don't want to use galvanised wire to start with unless you want to burn the spring away while hardening it.
In fact you need
a) a suitable wire
b) the means for proper heat treatment

You can get ready to use spring wire and it needs to be wound up smaller than what you require as it coils back.
IMHO it is far too much hassle to make your own springs unless it really is the only option and as siad then I would go for spring wire instead.


Reply 3 years ago

Dear Downunder35m

First thank you for your help ,I am sorry for my question not clear. I want to use galvanized wire ( not piano wire) for make a springs but I don't know :
- I must : first make heat treatment wire before or after on the finished spring for more springy .Thank you again


Reply 3 years ago

Just to be clear here:
a) galvanised wire is usually not suited for spring use
b) it does not matter if you heat treat before or after as the galvanised wire will burn
If you need it galvanised than it will fail anyway.
The gal will break and crumble when the spring is in use as it is very brittle.
Better option would be to passify the wire with a phosphor coating or to simply use wire that is suited for your needs.


3 years ago

Google "How to make a spring"