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Make an exercise bike out of a regular bike Answered

I remember seeing some kind of attachment that you could use to transform your bicycle into a stationery bike for exercise, but that was a long time ago and I can't find it.  Can someone come up with a gadget to do that.  I don't need the attachment which tells you how many miles or how fast you're peddling.  I would just like to watch TV or read while exercising and I can't walk for any length of time without my back hurting so I also can't go anywhere on the bike.


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5 years ago

Make a stand for the bike to start with, something that holds the back and is secured to the bikes frame.
Depending on skill level you can use steel and weld or screw or use wood, makes no real difference really.
Since you are going nowhere the back wheel can be off the ground, this way you can attach a belt to the rim to run a generator charging your battery.
Instead of the generator you can also use a scooter motor with a lightbulb connected to give some more resistance.
Of course a simple leather belt on the rim with a tensioner can be used as a break for added resistance too...
If you want to go fancy you can also try to make a magnetic break using ferrofluids and a "pump wheel" with electromagnets on the outside to adjust the resistance.

Since you have back problems it might be worth to just use a seat with the pdeals mounted on a frame.
Instead of the big sprocket you can add a pulley to offer the resistance with a belt/ generator or similar.