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Make electricity from trash! Answered

Hey, guys! recently I've published my FIRST instructable! It's a project to make electricity from biogas produced from organic materials. Check the link below to have more information:

Note: this instructable is in the "green living and technology challenge" so if you like it vote for me!



7 years ago

First, the criticism:
It's missing alot if it's meant to be a comprehensive guide to making a methane generator.
First, methane is produced in the barrel by anaerobic bacterial action. The bacteria that performs that action has specific requirements, and i don't think you addressed those requirements very well in the instructable. Ignoring the biological elements of a methane generator is like ignoring the transmission on a car.

After that... there's a lot of chemistry facts that might help.
The US actually uses methane for heating quite a bit.
It's not called methane, it's called natural gas, but it's a mixture that contains 95% methane, with the other 5% being natural and artificial impurities that are more a result of gas mains and safety standards then a regular impurity. to a chemist, 95% purity in a gas mixture is pretty good.

Now the praise:
The instructable isn't a bad starting point for people looking to experiment with small scale methane generation.