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Make it glow contest disappeared? Answered

I was entered in the make it glow contest. First it said it would end the 6th, and then it changed to the 12th and then after that it disappeared completely. It is not on the contests page  but i can access it from my account page where it says the contest is closed, however no finalists or winners are shown, only the entries. Do contests sometimes randomly get shut down? I also noticed that the prizes that were originally listed have changed.



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6 years ago

We already have a thread about this topic, right next to yours;)


But as you can see by the posts you should not expect anyone from this site giving a statement about it.

Seems they are either very low on staff members at this time of the year or don't care too much about users feedback on this matter.

And if Radio Shack is really in some sort of trouble the contest might just disappear with no winners announced.