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Make serial connected batteries easy to replace Answered

I am working on a project that requires two serially connected 9V batteries to power.  For when the batteries will need to be replaced, is there an easy way for a user to replace them without having to disengage wires and then solder new ones?  Is there a way to "rework" the typical battery caps used on 9V batteries?  Using an 18V battery is not an option because of the size of the container the battery is being placed in. I was thinking to use two battery caps, one to connect the positive and negative posts to make the two batteries (9V) serially connected, and then "rework" the other cap to connect the remaining posts on each of the batteries to provide power to the unit I'm making. Is there a way to do this ? Is it feasible?


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 3 years ago

This might be easier to describe in pictures, rather than words. So I will attach some pictures showing you one possible way to do this.

I make my 2x 9 volt connector, using the tops from two old, discarded, 9 volt batteries.

I cut one of these connectors in half, separating its male and female connectors.

The other connector I make into a "jumper", i.e. its male and female connectors are soldered together to make a connection that simply "jumps" from one 9-volt battery to another.

The, uh, somewhat finished result is shown in the last picture. I call it somewhat finished because some soldering work remains to be done: The jumper connector in the middle needs some solder, and some wires need to be soldered to the negative and positive terminals, on the left and right sides respectively.

However, I think these pictures make clear how a connector for 2x 9-volt batteries in series, like this, can be made.


3 years ago

Maybe magnets. If you solder a wire to the magnets you might ge a quick release connector, if this is what you're looking for...


3 years ago

This is Perfect! Thanks!