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Make waterproof roof for playhouse that can be climbed on - eco friendly/reused materials preferrable.? Answered

Making a "green" playhouse.  Want to have the roof be able to be climbed on, but water proof since I live in a very rainy part of Washington State.   Any suggestions?  Regular roofing is very $$, not sure if people recycle their old roofing or if that is even a good option.  Would love some tips!!
Thank you!!

- College student in very last finals week ever.



6 years ago

As appose to a not so rainy part of Washington state? The whole start is rainy.

You want eco friendly then use cedar shingles. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Have each successive layer overlap at least 2/3rds of the previous layer. Also make sure the upper layer overlaps any joints of the lower layer.


Answer 6 years ago

+1 Asphalt shingles are too rough on those little knees and a metal roof will be too hot on a sunny day.