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Make your own 3d Renderings Answered

OK here is my proposal take:
1 machine 900, 000 concept
+ 2 existing instructables
+ common materials

a 3d scanning system

Here is the concept please see it and come back:


Well if u already saw it, in a nutshell they use 2 different forms of light but no laser BUT in these 2 instructables they do




If we used an Amalgam of both plus:

UV led's
6 CHEAP webcams (x y and z )
fluorescent paint

We could obtain:
A 3 d scanner for common objects that uses no lasers but the light sources in the demo (or even people perhaps not for animation but for other purposes)

Those who did not get lost in the explanation: please contribute!

Note for negative typists:
Yes it is an adaptation and and I am asking for brainstorming yes, my explanations are terrible yes, yes, yes to all your negative comments.

Note for those positive contributors:
I will not ignore you at all please add your ideas!


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12 years ago

Well, that MOVA method seems simpler, but as it captures thousands of points on a face, you can imagine the HUGE processing power that gobbles up!

Plus you have to powder objects up, and some may not accept that treatment, you can't expect people borrowing their collectors items, whereas if it's just a scan, it's ok.

Frankly, there's a better laser scanner than David now, on the Net, a vertical beam one, and that should work fine.